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Welcome to the Jervis Bay Paddle Group.

We are a community-based informal group of kayak paddlers that meet once a week for a two hour relaxed paddle, plus some good banter and laughs. Jervis Bay Paddle Group has been created to promote the sport of Kayaking and give paddlers an opportunity to meet fellow kayakers, explore our local waterways and develop their skills in a safe and friendly environment….and have lots of laughs along the way!! We welcome everyone from beginners to experienced paddlers to come along. We are not a formal club and there are no office holders or officials. It’s purely an informal group of individuals that meet up and paddle together.

The group generally paddles once per week on a weekend morning for 2 hours (including breaks). We paddle in a range of locations all around the Jervis Bay region and surrounding areas, including sheltered estuaries and lakes as well as Jervis Bay. Each trip has a coordinator that will post the meeting place and trip details on Facebook (in the Event section). It’s helpful to register as going so that the Trip Coordinator knows who is coming. In case of bad weather, the Coordinator will either change the venue or suggest we postpone. We will aim to stop for morning tea during the morning or alternatively catch up at a café post paddle (depending on our destination for the morning). Morning tea will be BYO.

Please let us know if you are interested in coming along or send a message with any questions.

Please note that each kayaker that comes along takes responsibility for their own safety and equipment and makes their own decision whether to paddle or not taking into account the potential risks, weather conditions and their own skills, fitness and equipment. Kayaking, like all adventure sports, carries risks and is undertaken in the natural environment where weather and water conditions can change quickly and medical attention is not close at hand. Please see the list below for minimum suggested equipment requirements. Please remember that poor equipment or personal medical conditions may affect others in the group. If unsure, please chat to the Coordinators.
What you need to get on the water:
• Be over 18 and able to swim. You don’t need to be an Olympian, just be comfortable in the water.
• Have a kayak in good working order capable of paddling in the conditions that may be experienced on the trip. We welcome all sorts of kayaks so don’t worry if you don’t have the latest and greatest. If you are not sure about the suitability of your kayak, just send us a message and we can have a chat.
• Have an Australian approved life jacket and wear it at all times
• Be able to paddle at an easy pace for 2 hours (including a break)
• Personal food / water for morning tea, snacks and all personal equipment such as hats, sunscreen etc.

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