She Rides is a suite of introductory riding programs that focuses on building fitness, developing skills and creating a social riding community of women.

Delivered as a series of weekly sessions over an 8-week period, She Rides will provide you with the skills, confidence and social connection with other like-minded women to ride regularly. Whether you want to be confident to ride on shared paths and in traffic situations or get out into the bush on a mountain bike, She Rides has a program for you!

All She Rides programs are delivered by accredited cycling coaches/teachers or mountain bike coaches who are qualified, enthusiastic and passionate about supporting you to make riding a part of your everyday life.

She Rides is a program and initiative of Cycling Australia (CA).

Since the Autumn-Winter pilot programs in 2014, She Rides has expanded to over 40 locations in every Australian State/Territory – including Nowra – and aims to see over 1000 women supported through a She Rides program during 2019/20.

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