South Coast Soul


Vincentia’s boutique yoga studio is a place for you and about you. Through community, connection and collaboration, together we cultivate a place of belonging, a place to come HOME to self..

We believe that yoga is and should be accessible for EVERY body, all shapes, sizes, abilities, ages and genders. South Coast Soul is a place that encourages you to find your own practice, your own rhythm, your own pace, your own depth within each and every shape.

We encourage our students to explore their limits, to work to their edge, to find comfort within the discomfort but more importantly to release all expectation, all judgement and instead practice present body awareness, with gratitude, acceptance and kindness.

Despite what Instagram says, it is never how flexible you are, or how deep into a pose you go. It is only ever about your experience, moment by moment, breath by breath.

South Coast Soul is a place to nourish, nurture and come home, to Self.

Check the website for further information, including a current timetable.

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